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Tee to Green Guides publishes yardage guides which allow golfers an easy way to navigate the course, check their distance, select a club. We provide these top-quality guides to golf courses and players at no cost to ensure your advertising message is delivered.


The Right Audience...


Golfers are great consumers and a proven demographic. The average household income for avid golfers is roughly $83,000, and 92% overall are homeowners!  Our guides reach this audience in a time-tested and non-intrusive way garnering respect, brand recognition and results for your company. With each hole taking approximately 15 minutes to play, your ad will receive unparalleled exposure to this affluent demographic.


We ARE the experts...


Tee To Green possesses all the in-house expertise to create our top-quality guides.  From our Sales team, to our talented Graphic Design team to our Web Development team, we’ve ensured we are not leaving the quality of our product, and your ad presentation, to chance.  Our Tee to Green designers will work with you to create your custom 1/4 or full-page ad to maximize impact. We’re good at what we do and we love golf! We would also like to thank Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc for their support and advice.


Web Exposure...


Your ad will also get great web exposure from our online yardage guides (accessed through a link from the golf courses web site). Included with your print ad is a web version of your ad - which can point to whatever web address (your website) you would like.


Tee to Green goes “Green”


We print on premium recycled paper with vegetable-based green inks creating a beautiful eco-smart product without sacrificing any quality.



quotationmarksquotesTee to Green guides have been well received by our golfers. The guides allow us to introduce the golf course, the layout, better inform the player for their course management and give them a fast and easy way to determine playing distances. We take pride in presenting our course in a professional atmosphere. Tee to Green fits our mold with their product. At no price to the facility or to the golfer, this is a win win.quotationmarksquotes1

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