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Tee To Green Guides is Colorado's number one provider of premium yardage guides. All of the courses that we delivered yardage guides to have enthusiastically signed up again, and we've also added 5 new courses to our list, further rounding out our reach on the Front Range:


  1. Black Bear
  2. Lone Tree
  3. South Suburban
  4. Littleton Golf Course
  5. Hyland Hills



Distribution and Marketing Metrics:

  • 26 Courses between Fort Collins and Pueblo - 37% of all public courses on the Front Range
  • 399,000 guides scheduled for delivery between March and July
  • Courses are contractually obligated to actively provide our guides to golfers
  • Over 60 impressions per ad/per season for avid golfers



Our Yardage Guide Demographics:

  • Average household income for golfers is over $80,000 per year
  • Over 90% of golfers are homeowners
  • Over 40% of golfers are managers, business owners, or executives
  • Baby Boomers make up almost 50% of all golfers, controlling 70% of America's total net worth

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quotationmarksquotesMy husband and I went to Walking Stick on a weekend golf getaway. We had both never played there before and the free yardage books were awesome."quotationmarksquotes1a1

Karin "K-Lo" Rivale

Longtime Golfer

Tee to Green Guides, LLCLouisville, CO

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quotationmarksquotes1Tee to Green guides have been well received by our golfers. The guides allow us to introduce the golf course, the layout, better inform the player for their course management and give them a fast and easy way to determine playing distances. We take pride in presenting our course in a professional atmosphere. Tee to Green fits our mold with their product. At no price to the facility or to the golfer, this is a win win.quotationmarksquotes1

Alan Abrams PGA

Operations Manager

Honorary President Colorado Section PGA

Indian Tree Golf Club


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